Pete Burns

The sudden loss of an Icon. [5 August 1959 – 23 October 2016]

After finally catching my breathe after the sudden loss of one of my icons and idols I am ready to share the day I almost met him in person. I was 17 or 18 years old and living in Cedar Springs in Dallas Texas. I lived a few blocks from the club where Dead or Alive was going to be playing that night. I was kind of dating an employee that worked there (ok sleeping with😎) and found out they were doing their sound check at 10 am. So I stayed up that entire night getting in burns drag and was standing out side the club at 9 am exzactly. It was fucking freezing. I remember my lipgloss was cracking but I wasn’t giving up. I was determined to meet him and go on the road with them and he was gonna be my drag aunt. Well hours went by and I was almost frozen. Then around 3 pm the front door to the club opened and out came Pete burns. He was alone and wearing zero make up and an Airforce flight suit. He walked up to me and smiled after seeing I was a fan and said “excuse me do you know where I can buy a pack of fags”?
Him-cigarettes I need cigarettes
Him-(under his breath) must speak Spanish *then he walked away back into the building.
I was in shock!!! In my mind I was imagining my new life with my idol. I couldn’t wait till the show that night. I knew he would see me in the crowd and bring me on stage with him. So I hopped in my car and went on the hunt for a new outfit at the thrift stores. Coco was with me and I was in a hurry. She said “girl slow down before we get pulled over” BAM! I got pulled over and had an unpaid traffic ticket and was arrested 😡 I begged that cop to let me go and I mean I really begged and offered him anything he wanted. Coco took my car and my tickets and had a blast with Monte. I sat in a holding cell with a drunk hooker named Peaches😞. But I will never forget it.
Thanks Pete for all your inspiration. I’ll never forget you.

To my boyHEADS reading this….
I really and truly love what I do. Often times people make comments on the crazy life that I lead almost as if it’s a negative thing. As I look at them I realize they live their life in feAr. I’m a free spirit and encourage everyone to live life to its fullest. Do thinks you wouldn’t normally do. Try new things, new loves, new make up 😜 most importantly never stop dreaming.

We dedicate this song to the Icon Pete Burns for influencing our music.

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