Formerly known as Confession in the entertainment industry, Kān (pronounced Caine) re-invented himself to put people on the edge of their seats. This talented man wears a veil of musical history and lyrical genius. Kān is the mastermind behind the name boyMONROE. His fractal and piercing abstract thoughts are the facets to his lyrical asylum. Kān is the engine of boyMONROE’s mission to use his success to help others in need. He has a giant heart and strongly believes through music (a worldly media) people can make a change to help people. His cause is very noble, his passion is admirable, his ambition is hubristic, his artistry is pure genius and his loyalty to Zajah, the other half of boyMONROE, is undeniable. Kān’s musical flare ranges from dramatic to get-up and dance. Inspired by giant artists from the 80’s, he can put a fresh new taste on something seemingly familiar. Kān’s talents do not stop with pen to paper, he can also belt out octaves of notes with his vocal instrument. His voice is catchy, one of kind and powerful. From the soft lyrical notes to the pumping action of a chorus, Kān is sure to deliver every time.

Kān’s path collided with Zajah online via Facebook back in October 2012. Shortly after that digital connection did he and Zajah form a strong bond through and for music. Kān’s passion for music is his very being and existence. A tattered past growing up has given Kān the tools and strength to quickly grasped the art of becoming a writer. Through his writings manefisted his love and passion for lyrics and music. Kān usually does his best to never look back but once in a bluemoon he will slip up and remind himself of why he does what does with / for music. Kān’s drive for boyMONROE’s success creates a path that many others can follow. He is a leader, an innovator and talented singer, composer and writer that many strive to be.

The creative insane mind of Kān is the force behind boyMONROE’s look, style and musical design. Joining forces with Zajah intensifies boyMONROE’s incredible, likeable and unforgettable musical power.

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