Do you remember your first?

I can never forget the anxiety and torment I felt as I walked up to the school building when I was a young boy. It was bad enough growing up in a small country town different, but having a father who was the only known person in the area with the AIDS virus made things even worse for me.

Raised by my great grandmother Oleta and my grandmother Julia I was never educated about homosexuality or even knew what a fucking faggot was, but here I was standing in the hallway of this school and being ripped apart by people I only wanted to be friends with to escape the home life of taking care of my ill father.

It was during this time something magical and pure was planted inside of me from The universe. A certain type of power that I still didn’t quite understand. Fast forward a few years and I was using this power everyday and it was forever growing.

For years I thought I was the only one with this power until a chance meeting when I was 15 years old. I was listening to Pet Shop Boys and a guy named Rikki Martineze walks in and I got my very first “Hey Girl”!…

It was then i learned that I shared this power with countless numbers of others. I felt accepted and loved and not alone. I was part of something so fabulous. So unique. So fierce!

I was a gay man living in a new gay world and apart of the LGBT community. I also shared a common power with all my other gay comrades. PRIDE!

Do you remember your first

Sincerely Your’s
Kān of boyMONROE
Hey girl! (incase you hadn’t gotten one yet! xoxo)