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Do you remember your first?

I can never forget the anxiety and torment I felt as I walked up to the school building when I was a young boy. It was bad enough growing up in a small country town different, but having a father who was the only known person in the area with the AIDS virus made things […]

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Back in the day

OMG I found this old video of us when were just starting out. We were trying to do an intro video because we were about to embark on our first performance at Austin’s Leather and Lace Bar (AKA Headhunters). We ended up having a positively huge response from the audience who loved our music. Well, […]

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Pete Burns

The sudden loss of an Icon. [5 August 1959 – 23 October 2016] After finally catching my breathe after the sudden loss of one of my icons and idols I am ready to share the day I almost met him in person. I was 17 or 18 years old and living in Cedar Springs in […]

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